As a former bride (twice), maid of honor, bridesmaid, mother of several brides and guest, I have experienced weddings from many different angles. In writing this blog about weddings, however, it is my professional experience that helps me explain what it means to throw a great wedding from start to finish. As the owner of a catering company, I managed weddings that ran the gamut from small elegant dinners to full-scale large receptions. Rehearsal dinners, bridal showers, brunches, and cocktail parties were all part of my catering world. As a professional cook for nine years, I learned what comprised a hotel wedding where the emphasis was on romantic weddings with superb food.

In my book, Throw a Great Party, Inspired by Evenings in Paris with Jim Haynes. I wrote about the ease with which one American man throws Sunday night suppers in Paris for large crowds without a lot of expense or professional help. During the process of writing that book, I was very aware that many of the same organizing principles apply to weddings. I thought about the weddings I’ve been to and what has made them remarkable. How people, faced with a lot of conflicting choices and pressures, manage to have wonderful weddings. How supposed disasters often have surprisingly pleasant conclusions. How some simple old customs still have meaning.

 In my many years of planning and catering weddings, a few of them stand out as truly memorable. Thoughtfully planned and carefully budgeted, the weddings were notable for their originality and joy. These celebrations are the inspiration for this wedding guide.

I encourage couples out there to trust your common sense and believe that when planning a wedding, doing part or all of it yourself is not only possible, but a great idea.

For those who plan to hire professional help for some or all of their wedding day plans, this blog will guide you through the maze of commercial choices and help you remain in control of your wedding, pocketbook, and sanity.

Throw a Great Wedding is not about bashing the industry. Wedding professionals have the expertise that comes with tremendous hard work and experience. Catering a wedding reception, designing dresses, invitations, and flowers, taking beautiful photographs: these are professions that are challenging, important, and worthy. Understanding what services the professionals provide is information bridal couples need. 

The food and drink at a wedding celebration are remembered long after the wedding day has ended. This is an area that I love and want to share. Throw a Great Wedding will include menus and recipes for wedding receptions, luncheons, teas, breakfasts, picnics, family-style suppers, and formal dinners. Couples who plan to do their wedding meal with help of family and friends will appreciate the specifics of cooking and serving food offered in this guide.

Most couples do not tackle the cooking for their own wedding. However, they will decide what kind of reception they want and having ideas and options will help that process. Knowing in advance how to come up with a budget will aid in making informed decisions. 

Throw a Great Wedding is a blog for couples who want to plan and enjoy their wedding their way. A common sense guide.


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